Dot Crosshair For Gunz

If you want to improve your aim just use a dot crosshair, get revolvers 2x2, go questing mode and shoot the mobs on the legs/head for an hour. All The Crosshairs You'll Ever Need Period (Evagore's Crosshair Index) - Edited How to add custom crosshairs to your UGG client. smallest dot crosshair. Hi, I've included 3 packs, totally containing 83 crosshairs. Note: I don't take any credit for this. I'm just Re: 83 GunZ Crosshairs. Theyre Dots.

I using this since aiming crosshair I found so far for revs Hope you guys like it. How to use: 1:Click and say save blah.

This is a custom crosshair for GunZ: The Duel, allowing you to have another crosshair than the standard four. This pack contains 1 useful crosshair, 1 cool.

Anyone have Korean Dot crosshair? - posted in GunZ Camp: Edit- Nevermind, found it.

Ever noticed videos on Youtube and see different dots/squares/etc. on be placed in the ijji/ENGLISH/Gunz/CUSTOM/CROSSHAIR directory. Hello Guys, As you can see pc Has Release His hack that is Crosshair v1, So I've seen many of you cant Open Or Cant Use it. So I Made a decision To. How to add a custom crosshair [manually] - GunZ Hacks and Cheats Forum. It's a green dot, when targetting it turns red. In this tut, we use.

Ok, So I was playing gunz, and someone started bragging that they have a new crosshair, called the korean shadow dot. They said that only.

Hey guys I have made a custom crosshair that you can use to lead Use the first yellow dot to hit a normal moving hero (no special ability, speed boost). . GunZ: The Duel (the game for pure lead-shot gameplay) had a ton of. And then for the custom crosshairs built in the game, use some kind of PNG simple since I was doing that sort of stuff as a wee lad in GunZ. Posted: Sun May 12, pm Post subject: Custom Crosshair, Reply with quote. Accura Dot Unaimed Aimed Glowing Dot Unaimed Aimed Blind Dot.

right click them and click save image and save it to your my computer>local disc> ijji>english>gunz>CUSTOM>CROSSHAIR name the unaim. GunZ 2: The Second Duel hey maiet something i loved from gunz 1 was the choice of different crosshairs do you A simply dot crosshair. #5. Green Dot Crosshair: Place It In Premium Gunz Folder And It Will Work. If Dont Work Just Restart Gunz.:).

A dot-like crosshair that's a square. save in c:/ijji/gunz/custom/crosshairs ( ).

11 Apr - 35 sec - Uploaded by Calzz HOPE YOU ENJOY THE VIDEO! LEAVE A LIKE IF YOU DO! Hi guys leave comments and likes. AIMED C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Gunz\CUSTOM\CROSSHAIR IS WHERE THESSE CROSSHAIRS GO Threaded Mode | Linear Mode. Post your CROSSHAIRS?! Me i'm Using Korean Shadow Dot:] CROSSHAIRS?! type 2 best crosshair xd.

Like what type of crosshair is the best and any guide to train aiming/accuracy crosshairs which tend to be good are dot crosshairs stick with. Crosshair by Piotrek Loniewski. 6 photos. GunZ Screenshots (15) "Crosshair " also contains 1 sub-album. Clan Emblems. View more of piotrekloniewski23's. GUNZ CUSTOM CROSSHAIR DOT. Dot Adjudicator plenty on crosshair adjust civ solidworks dot Created runningday-8, and big town click.

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