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The project goal is to provide software packages for the current Ubuntu releases as soon updates or new software becomes available. Bug # update getdeb repo to bionic. GetDeb Software Portal.

By Editor. In Software. Flock is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share media and connect to other people online. Load more. getdeb logo. GetDeb is an Ubuntu software portal providing legacy versions of software included in Old LTS Ubuntu versions, and software that is omitted from the official repositories. PlayDeb is a sister project with an explicit focus on games. The names come from package format used by Ubuntu. Purpose - Pros and cons. The GetDeb repository extends the official repositories by providing sudo sh -c ' echo "deb xenial-getdeb.

There may be an archive that contains the file for the package that you want to install or if not you can search for the source code of the.

It seems like everytime I try to go to it's down with "This site can't be reached 's server IP address could not be found.

Getdeb is an unofficial project which provides the latest open-source and freeware applications for Ubuntu Linux, and PlayDeb provides games. GetDeb is a website which comes with a repository for easily installing lots of Ubuntu applications which are not available in the official Ubuntu. 2 Oct - 4 min - Uploaded by quidsup Tutorial on how to add GetDeb and PlayDeb repositories in Ubuntu The GetDeb repo.

As you may know, the GetDeb and PlayDeb repositories have been down for a while, but not they are online and everything is good, like it used.

See title. Both Getdeb and Playdeb are throwing Bad Gateway errors.

Download qwitik_~getdeb3_amddeb for LTS from GetDeb Apps repository.

Main Repos deb trusty main restricted sudo apt-key add - deb trusty-getdeb games.

deb xenial-getdeb apps Run the following command to import GetDeb GPG key to your Ubuntu system.

NEWS: Feb Sites , and repository up again, from G+ Fortunately, we did have an up-to-date backup of the old.

For some reason getdeb site is not stable for quite some time so if you want mirror site use the following ones in your file deb.

[email protected] ~ $ wget Install GetDeb onto your system and automatically get packages as soon as they're available ( or Ubuntu system. Both GetDeb and PlayDeb are repositories, sources of updates for actual GetDeb" && sudo dpkg -i getdeb-repository_~ && echo.

Index of /mirrors/ Icon Name Last stuntrally-data_~ M [ ]. Index of /mirrors/ Icon Name Last aqualung_~getdeb1_amddeb M [ ]. In this tutorial, we will see how to install GetDeb and PlayDeb in Ubuntu / or older and Linux Mint 15/14 or older. GetDeb and.

By adding GetDeb's repository to your Linux system, you'll get access to pre- packages as soon as they're available on GetDeb's.

wget ~getdeb1_all. deb. $ sudo dpkg -i getdeb-repository_~ [DIR], Parent Directory, -. [ ], getdeb-repository_~, Jun- , K. [ ], playdeb_~, Jun , K. # community build packages #Repositories mirrored for Baltix GNU/Linux and Ubuntu users from Lithuania #deb.

One of many good things in Ubuntu is there are a lot of free and open source which can be installed easily from repository. The official Ubuntu repository.

You can install Get Deb by opening the Ubuntu Software And Updates tool and deb wily-getdeb apps.

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