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By default youtube-dl downloads files in the same directory from where you run the command. Mostly it's your home directory. If your name is Tom, then it is /home/Tom. To force it to download elsewhere you should use -o option; and to select quality of video, there is -f option.

This is what you'll need for the default download location that you're looking for. To set up a configuration file for youtube-dl, assuming you have Windows. You can't use the home directory shortcut ~ on Windows. You have to specify the full path, such as C:/Users/user/Downloads/. Use / instead of \. I installed youtube-dl via chocolatey this morning and downloaded a youtube video with the following command youtube-dl "[url]" -f mp4.

give me a simple example of how to set the download destination directory? It somehow downloads everything with messed up file names. youtube-dl Config File. To set a default download location, create a youtube-dl configuration file at: ~/.config/youtube-dl/config. Within this file. The location for those videos on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is as below: YouTube (means Google) controls the access to the offline file.

Use a configuration file if you always want the same output folder. Or put youtube-dl's folder into %PATH% and start the terminal where you.

I thought this would be a matter of adding the file I downloaded to the $PATH environment variable. Certainly that was the case. 13 Jul - 4 min - Uploaded by doorknob60 Really sorry about the crackling, I stupidly left my fan running sitting RIGHT NEXT TO my mic. youtube-dl is a script to download videos from or any other of the supported data from the standard file on the user's home directory. By default, youtube-dl will download the best available format; if you want to.

When given in the global configuration file /etc/: Do not read the user . Location in the filesystem where youtube-dl can store some downloaded .

Hi "Schultz", I just read your post and the good replies to it. Here are my thoughts on this as well. You might also consider using the graphical. youtube-dl is the command-line video downloader that is also available with a --config-location PATH Location of the configuration file; either. Download the Windows build, which should be on the second paragraph titled “ windows exe”. By default the command prompts path is set to.

When given in the global configuration file /etc /: Do not read the . Can also be used to download to a different directory, for example with -o.

Location the downloaded file and move it to your user folder. It should look Download YouTube a video or multiple videos with a command. When given in the global configuration file /etc/: Do not read .. user wide configuration file locations are %APPDATA%\youtube-dl\ or. By default youtube-dl downloads files in the same directory from where you run the command. Mostly it's your home directory. If your name is.

Here's the setup: I've put the ffmpeg, youtube-dl, an input text file, and into a folder called YTDL. Everything works fine if I open a cmd.

When given in the global configuration file /etc/: Do not read the --config-location PATH: Location of the configuration file; either the path to the.

If the , which is used by the "YouTube"-decoder, automatically search for a file named "" then I guess it might work if youtube- dl didn't know where to find ffmpeg I've tried to add -ffmpeg-location.

youtube-dl - download videos from or other video platforms Windows users can download file and place it in any location on their PATH. YouTube-dl is one of the most popular Python based command line type tool that First of all you have to copy file into your system folder that is. """Update the program file with the latest version from the repository""". # TODO: at least bat = (directory, ''). b = open(bat, 'w').

Best free YouTube Download Manager downloads all YouTube videos, (By default, the download manager program saves files to the “Videos” folder.). Windows users can download file and place it in their home directory or any other location on their PATH. OS X users can install youtube-dl with. That's why it should be put into a directory that's not controlled by Windows UAC. The executable file is updated in place. All youtube-dl options.

File downloader objects are the ones responsible of downloading the actual params @staticmethod def pmkdir(filename): """Create directory components in.

Save any YouTube video to your hard drive for offline viewing with these simple By default, the video file will be saved as an MP4 and live in your However, you can change the location of the download by clicking on the. youtubeDLFrontEnd - A GUI for ; downloads from video sites. A settings file and ancillary files may be created in the program folder. Instructions. I feel like the first rule of youtube-dl is not to talk about youtube-dl. I keep expecting Google (and all the other sites it . Default Output Directory and Pattern -o.

Project: apex-sigma-core Author: lu-ci File: (license) View Source YoutubeDL(_params) = ze() on = None.

Download YouTube Videos and Playlists I recently found the need to be able To download a video file to the current folder using the default. The file the installer it is trying to replace is still being used by Windows. This occurs when one installs a new version of YTD to the same location. The program. Great UNIX/Bash commands tagged with youtube-dl - see these and many pyt () { youtube-dl -q -f bestaudio --max-downloads 1 --no-playlist --default-search . will use "youtube-dl" to download the Youtube url into the directory/folder where.

Learn how to download any video from YouTube including 4K, HD, HQ, etc. By default the app saves downloaded clips to the Downloaded by MediaHuman in your Movies folder (if you're saving videos) or in the Music folder (if video). Information on how to download an app, file, or program from the Internet. you'll be prompted to choose a location in which the download should be saved. Audio files (e.g.,.mp3); Movie files; YouTube videos; Pictures or. Download certain videos to an SD card or your phone's internal memory. card, you will not be able to play any videos that are saved in other storage locations.

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