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PolyAnalyst is the leading system for extracting actionable knowledge hidden in piles of free text and structured data. One of PolyAnalyst’s greatest strengths is its ability to tie together technology that is normally distributed over several software systems. Need to accurately.

Megaputer provides advanced analytics solutions for analyzing data and text. Learn how advanced analytics with PolyAnalyst can streamline your business.

Explore the basics of how computers make sense of natural language. Learn how to harness the power of Text Analytics to gain further insight into your data. Find out why these organizations have chosen Megaputer tools to handle their data and text analysis needs. For an IT services company with over , Definition of Megaputer TextAnalyst: Software that offers semantic analysis of free -form texts, summarization, clustering, navigation, and natural language.

Text Analyst semantic network window of document databasing in the 90's 3. Megaputer text Analyst TextAnalyst has an ActiveX suite for dealing with text and .

Megaputer text Analyst TextAnalyst has an ActiveX suite for dealing with text and semantic analysis. According to Megaputer (c) Web page, TextAnalyst.

Megaputer provides two separate software packages for text analysis. TextAnalyst provides a list of the most important keywords in a document, a set of . Megaputer Intelligence, Inc., is a software company headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, United States, that provides data and text mining tools along with. TextAnalyst, and the TextAnalyst logo are all trademarks of Microsystems, Ltd. Megaputer Intelligence, Inc. owns exclusive distribution rights for.

Megaputer offers dedicated solutions addressing numerous data analysis tasks. Fuld and Co includes TextAnalyst in top 12 CI systems out of products.

Megaputer Intelligence offers two products: PolyAnalyst for Text™, aimed pri- In TextAnalyst, the VocEdit module helps define user-preferred terms and. Megaputer Intelligence is a leading developer of data and text mining software and custom analytical solutions for various application domains. Megaputer uses . Megaputer text mining. TextAnalyst*. Tech: combi of n-grams and Neural Networks; Scope: Analyst's desktop solution * Microsystems Ltd., a Megaputer.

Megaputer offers data mining, text mining, and web data mining software tools for TextAnalyst navigates oceans of documents to deliver the most important. Megaputer's TextAnalyst uses linguistic and neural network technologies to create a treelike, semantic knowledge representation of a set of documents, which in. Megaputer's TextAnalyst is a system for (1) navigating the textbase (a semantic network extracted from the text document), (2) creating summaries of documents .

Summarizer Nstein—Nsummarize Lextek—Brevity Document Summarizer8. Autonomy—Summarizer Megaputer—TextAnalyst EQNQP'EPWNF' Two others. R-Language programming text mining—Open Source 7. Practical text mining with Perl—Open Source 8. ODM—Oracle Data Mining 9. Megaputer's “ TextAnalyst”. Megaputer Intelligence, Inc. company research & investing information. flexible reporting capabilities; TextAnalyst, an automated keyword extraction, concept.

The software for data mining are SASw Enterprise Minere, Megaputer Text Miner, TextAnalyst, VisualText, Megaputer PolyAnalystw , and WordStat. Megaputer Text Analyst SAS Text Miner KXEN Text Coder KTC Statistica Text from BUSINESS at Rutgers University, Camden. Megaputer is exceptionally responsive in helping to resolve any challenges or issues we've had with PolyAnalyst, both in Text Analyst in the Services Industry .

If you are working with a large "corpus" of text and your primary approach is automated searching of that text, then your best bet among the standard QDA. DM: TextAnalyst - new text mining solution from Megaputer Megaputer Intelligence Megaputer Intelligence. Among the best products Fuld lists Megaputer Intelligence's TextAnalyst — On a related note, TextAnalyst was recognized in.

Install Text Analyst demo from Megaputer. 3. Text Analyst will run under Windows 95/98, NT, and , and XP.

TextAnalyst is available . TextAnalyst: natural language text analysis software joined Megaputer in and since then carried out numerous data analysis.

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